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The Distance Runners
Performance Academy

Brand new from Ultra Appetites

‘New program reveals how to master performance nutrition so you can run further and faster, regardless of experience level’


From the desk of Erin Colebatch, Adelaide, South Australia


Dear athlete,


If you would like to run further, faster and learn how to use proven nutrition principles to get more out of your training and performance come race day…


Regardless of your experience level…


This will be the most exciting letter you read all year.


Here’s why:


But before we go any further, out of respect for your time I want to be totally honest with you.


Many of the athletes who work with me for performance nutrition come to me thinking they need to train harder, take more supplements or change their body composition in order to reach new heights in their racing career.


They expect gruelling meal plans and strict food rules to enforce on themselves.


It’s almost like they want to punish their body to perform at its best.


If that’s the type of approach you’re looking for then this is not the program for you however if you’re ready to learn the foundations of performance nutrition so you can nourish your body and fuel properly to achieve race results you’ve only dreamed about, then you’re in the right place.


You can Google for answers and trial and error your way through without investing in professional support but if that worked, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this letter right now.


Investing in expert nutrition coaching for your running means you can cut straight to what works and reach your goals faster…


And you’re open to a new way of approaching fuelling nutrition, that doesn’t involve having to just ‘train harder’…


I’m giving you the entire solution to master performance nutrition not only on race day but in the weeks and months beforehand as well.


The exact solution I’ve used to transform my own running career going from complete beginner to finishing ultras in record time!


I’ve gone on to teach this solution to other athletes who have worked with me inside Distance Runners Performance Academy (DRPA) at Ultra Appetites in the past few years.


Check out some of the exciting events they have completed:

-   Ultra Trail Australia 11km, 22km, 50km & 100km

-   Marathon des Sables

-   Wonderland 50km

-   Sydney marathon

-   Surf Coast Century 50km & 100km

-   Great Southern Stage Run

-   Heysen 50 & 115km

-   Adelaide marathon

-   Perth marathon

-   Tarawera 50km, 102km & 100 miles

-   Hobart marathon

-   Noosa 50km

-   Gold Coast marathon

-   Jurassic Coast 100km

-   Oscars100 Hut 2 Hut Challenge

-   Run Larapinta

-   Canberra marathon

-   Old Ghost 85km

-   Tokyo marathon

-   Ultra Adelaide 100km

-   Berlin marathon

-   Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra

-   New York marathon

-   Taupo 50km

-   Kosci 100km

-   Chicago marathon

-   Perth 50km

-   Pichi Richi marathon

-   Yurrebilla 56km

-   Tour du Mont Blanc

-   Five Peaks 58km

-   Federation 50km

-   Brisbane Trail Ultra 61km

-   McLaren Vale marathon

-   Margaret River 80km

-   Irrational South 100 miles & 200 miles


Which brings me to a story I want to share with you about a client I was working with earlier this year and how the DRPA system transformed her running in ways she had only ever dreamed of.


She went from getting to the end of several trail running ultra events, depleted of energy and not being able to fuel in later sessions due to nausea.


To successfully getting through training, crossing the finish line and getting through recovery afterwards as well.


“After getting to the end of several trail running ultra events and finishing with no energy and not being able to fuel in later sections due to nausea I approached Erin after listening to her speak at an event. Erin through several appointments gave me the confidence and information to increase my carb intake both pre training and during runs, accommodating my specification to do through natural sources rather than gels. We monitored through training sessions setting achievable goals and once reached we did several hydration and sodium sweat testing sessions to ensure we had the balance correct. Based on the findings Erin has produced race plans for me covering every detail including pre race meal plans and drop bag replenishments. Erin has made adjustments last minute to suit what was accessible in remote locations or what I felt like at the time, following up until race day to ensure the plan was right for me to give me every opportunity to succeed. Thank you Erin for all your dedication to get me through training, to the finish line and through recovery afterwards.”





Nicola Reese, Heysen 115km & Irrational South 200 miler

Inspiring, right?


See this client, like many of the athletes I work with was focusing her efforts on all the wrong areas of fuelling for performance. Believing it was all down to eating less, restricting carbs and winging it when it comes to sodium and hydration.


This approach never achieved the results she was wanting but she lacked the confidence and know-how to change it.


When we first started working together in the DRPA, we implemented my 3 layer system that I share in detail throughout the 6 month program.


Fast forward to today…


This awesome athlete now has detailed race plans to guide her fuelling, she understands how food affects her body and has the confidence to increase carb intake both pre training and during runs.


She is no longer struggling across the finish line, depleted of energy and feeling like a failure.


She’s got a proven plan, specifically based around her fuelling needs, to be able to confidently tackle any race she wants to conquer moving forward.


This is possible for you too.


You CAN cross that finish line feeling proud, confident and strong.


You CAN accomplish that distance or time you’ve been working so hard towards but until now, have always fallen short.


So having said all of that, are you interested in achieving your best running results to date?


Would you benefit from knowing my proven 3 layer system to running further and faster no matter your current experience level or what past results have been?


The exact roadmap that helped my clients get the results you just read about and that took me years of research, study and testing to put together….


Then I’d like to introduce you to the Distance Runners Performance Academy (DRPA).


The most thorough and effective nutrition performance program in Australia & New Zealand! And you’ll see why this isn’t an exaggeration in a moment…


Let me share with you exactly why it’s so powerful and trusted by athletes from all over the world.



Exactly What You’re Getting

This program is dramatically different to anything you have tried before in nutrition for performance. It’s not a training program or a supplement. It’s not over promising and under delivering with a one size fits all approach.


Rather it’s giving you a proven science-backed 3 layer system with custom nutrition and training plans to show you exactly how to get the best out of your body and achieve your goals.


It’s so powerful that you’ll be able to use the plans and principles you’ve learned to tackle any race you set your sights on and complete it with top results.


Fuelling for performance will become so simple, so straight forward that you’ll wonder how you ever attempted races without it.


Each module of the program gets straight to the point and shows you in detail how to master that stage of the DPRA system.


At every point you get access to downloadable resources and private nutrition coaching from leading sports dietitian, Erin Colebatch so you never feel alone, confused or off track.


Each module you will see below, deep dives into what I call the Performance Pyramid. My secret sauce strategy to getting you outstanding results on race day.


Module 1: Training Nutrition

  • An easy to follow tailored weekly meal plan so you can get the most out of every training session, designed to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle, preferences and budget

  • Discover what’s been holding you back from achieving your race goals. We’ll get to the root cause and fix it with one of the 50 key performance nutrition strategies I use with athletes everyday in the DRPA

  • Optimise recovery with the DRPA ultimate recovery strategy. Adapt to training, repair muscles, tendons and bones while reducing risk of injury and illness

  • Full nutrition analysis by Erin to evaluate progress and gain a deep understanding of your individual nutrition needs. This data is then translated to adapt your nutrition plan to get you maximum results in less time

  • Never think about what to eat again with the Ultra Appetites recipe book at your fingertips including snacks, pre fuelling, during race fuelling and recovery options.

  • Take the time and hassle out of grocery shopping with the DRPA ‘print & go’ shopping lists - all done for you!















Module 2: Race nutrition & hydration

  • You wouldn’t try to drive your car across the country on a 1/4 tank of fuel, neither should you start a race with anything less than a full tank! Discover the 3 step race preparation plan that will have you at the start line fuelled up and ready to go

  • Train your gut to support high carb fuelling. This one technique you’ll learn is a game-changer you’ll wonder how you ever trained and raced without it!

  • Know the right type, timing and amount of carbs to power performance, with practical fuel choices tailored to your taste preference, budget and to keep your gut happy

  • The one thing every athlete needs to know about hydration

  • Why hydration is key to performance and how to recognise the signs of under and over hydration

  • Instant access to the DRPA hydration assessment tool to properly understand fluid losses

  • Build your drinking strategy so you can optimise fluid replacement and support performance to your next big finish

  • Everything you need to know about sodium supplementation PLUS personalised assessment from Erin to see if it’s right for you

  • The simple trick to help you maintain optimal pace all the way to the finish line

  • How to carb load, the right way (it’s more than just a pasta dinner!)

  • 5 key essentials to carb load when travelling for a race

  • The DRPA proven race plan system that will show you exactly how to create effective race plans for yourself and succeed at any race you set your sights on

  • Tailored race plan designed for your A race by Erin Colebatch. This is so handy to have done once so you can tweak and deploy over and over again without ever having to start from scratch















Module 3: Supplements & Problem Solving

  • Think you have to put up with uncomfortable gut issues, illness and fatigue? You don’t! Discover how to prevent all of these setbacks so you can focus on performing at your best.

  • Supplement plan that’s right for your needs. No more wasting time and money on supplements that don’t work for you. Get expert advice and insight into what you need to be taking, how much and when for best results

  • Never fall short of a performance goal again. Many of the causes for not achieving running goals are preventable. The DRPA will give you access to my top 12 performance strategies so you can tackle ANY problem that’s keeping you stuck with clarity and confidence.





You’re right! That‘s a lot of proven and ‘real world’ strategies that are working right now for athletes just like you who are looking for that next big result.


Athletes who are fed up with trying to figure everything out alone, still not reaching their performance goals and all because of things that are fixable.


But all of this is really just the tip of the iceberg because when you join DRPA you’re also getting these juicy bonuses:


Bonus 1: Injury & illness prevention class (value $200)

  • Avoid performance losses from missed training due to illness and injury





Bonus 2: Expert strategies for managing heat every runner needs to know (value $200)

•   How to cope in the heat without it affecting your performance

Bonus 3: Virtual supermarket tour (value $200)

  • Confidently navigate the aisles, making optimal choices for your health and performance.



Bonus 4: Always connected care (value $800)

  • Build new strategies between coaching sessions to move closer to your goals

  • Have your burning questions answered as they arise

  • Lock in your success through reflection, accountability, motivation and dedicated support

Bonus 5: Athlete group calls (value $600)

  • Share goals, progress, and learn from fellow athletes in the DRPA.

See, I wasn’t just ringing my own bell when I said this is the top fuelling program for athletes in Australia & NZ!















Here’s What To Do Next


Your investment for the entire DRPA program plus 10 private nutrition coaching sessions, custom training meal plan, race plan, supplements plan and $2000 of bonuses is just one payment of $2,997 AUD (payment plans are also available upon request).


As soon as you apply today, you’ll be invited to book a time to chat one to one with me on a private and obligation free call.


This call is an opportunity for us to meet virtually, and discuss you goals to ensure the DRPA is a good fit.


You’ll need to allow 30 minutes for the call and if at the end we both decide the DRPA is exactly what will get you the results you’ve been chasing (which I’m certain it will be), I’ll get you set up with your first consultation, custom plans and the bonuses I’ve promised you.


The DRPA isn’t just an online nutrition program, while there are loads of helpful tools and resources you are also getting 10 private coaching calls with leading sports dietitian and ultra runner, Erin Colebatch.


And the best part is you will have immediate access to everything right after you join from our call.

The Boldest Guarantee You’ll Ever See In Performance Nutrition!


I 100% guarantee you’ll be blown away by exactly how much this program does for not only your running but your overall health.


I’m certain this will be the BEST investment you’ve made in your running career to date. But if for whatever reason that’s not the case…


I’m giving you ultimate peace of mind to give the DRPA a try.


You can sign up today, have your first coaching call and even apply the entire first step of the DRPA system and if the results don’t blow your mind, send me an email to and I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.


You can even keep everything from our first session together as my way to apologise for the inconvenience.


Thats how confident I am that this is the single best decision you can make for your running and that it will be a decision you won’t ever regret.


Sound fair?


You really have nothing to lose by giving this opportunity a try and applying for the DRPA today.


Imagine crossing that finish line with a new PB and feeling so proud of yourself for having accomplished the goal that felt so out of reach for so long.


Imagine having nutrition and race plans made just for you and your needs at your fingertips. Never rely on guesswork or ineffective fuelling strategies again as you move from race to race with confidence that your fuelling is guaranteed to deliver results.


That you are starting every race with a full tank of fuel.


All you need to do is click HERE and apply for DRPA via a short video call with me.


But please do this now while the doors are still open and I still have places available.


After all, I’m only one person and I can’t be doing custom race plans for everyone!


For that reason, I can’t guarantee how much longer this opportunity will be available because I can only take on a small number of athletes at a time. At the time of writing this I’m half way to my capacity so don’t hesitate and let this opportunity pass you by. Your goals are ACHIEVABLE with the DRPA system.


Click HERE and let’s hop on a call to discuss further. There is no obligation to continue from there (although I’m certain you’ll want to snap up this incredible opportunity to take your running to the next level).


Thank you for taking the time to reads this letter and I look forward to meeting you on our call soon,




P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who skip to the end, here’s the deal…


I’m giving you my exact proven roadmap to run further and faster with fuelling strategies that get results. I’ve packaged everything into a program called the Distance Runners Performance Academy and doors are currently open with limited spots available.


When you click the button on this page and apply today, you’re getting the entire 3 step system, 1:1 nutrition coaching, custom race and nutrition plans plus access to $2000 of irresistible bonuses that will solve your biggest challenges when it comes to running and performance.


But that’s not all…


Because I want as many athletes as possible to benefit from the life changing resources in this program, I am offering a 100% money back guarantee after your first coaching call if you’re not blown away by everything inside the DRPA program.


You can even keep the bonuses and materials from our first call as my way of apologising for the inconvenience!


But time is of the essence. I’m only able to take on a few athletes at a time, after all I’m just one person offering a ton of custom performance nutrition support to get you results, fast.


Secure your spot in the DRPA now by clicking HERE and booking an obligation free Performance Strategy Call with me. We’ll chat about your goals and ensure the program is a good fit over about 30 minutes together. From there we will organise next steps and get you set up in the academy.


Click HERE to apply and I can’t wait to meet you soon, you won’t regret it!



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