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Jackie McCrae
Tarawera 100 miler

I reached out to Erin to help guide me through preparing for my first ever miler. My old habit of just “winging it” wasn’t going to work this time. Erin was invested in helping me achieve my goal and went above and beyond to get me to the finish line. Each session was educational and purposeful. Her thoroughness to design a race plan was next level. Erin has taught me skills that I can apply to any race in the future. I am forever grateful!

Voula Nisyrios
Chicago marathon

Erin provides a tailored, thorough and well-researched approach, ensuring you have the best nutrition on board to support your personal training goals. She has truly changed the way I fuel for my day-to-day training needs and importantly for planning and preparing my race events. My individualised nutrition plans are now the backbone to my training; supporting far more energy, less injury and providing the right fuel for stronger race finishes.

Russell Hanna
Ultra Trail Australia 100km & Five Peaks 58km

Erin provided me with the foundational nutritional tools enabling me to refine both my day-to-day and ultra distance race dietary needs. As an ultra-distance runner herself,  Erin understands intimately the demands and variations required in race nutrition and hydration. Erin weaves her extensive experiential and scientific knowledge base to provide valuable advice that provides the ultra-distance runner with the capacity to problem solve during a race, adapt and keep going. Having a sensitive tummy,  Erin's advice was invaluable in the recent Five Peaks Ultra- Distance race, enabling me to run one of the best races of my life.  
I would highly recommend Erin to any runner wishing to improve the enjoyment and performance out on the trails.

Anna Jones

Tarawera 50km

I approached Erin after completing my first ultra with my biggest struggle being my nutrition. I had high levels of fatigue and low iron. Erin was an amazing guide and helped me step by step to get my nutrition on track in my day-to-day life before helping me to focus on what would see me get the best out of my long runs. It all came together in my most recent 50km, Erin put together the perfect race plan for my nutrition and hydration. With Erin’s knowledge, support and guidance, I managed a successful run and continue to use the dietary information given to me every day.

Jordan Hanna
Ultra Trail Australia 100km & Five Peaks 58km


Erin supports you like a team mate towards reaching your training goals.  Seamlessly, Erin was able to adapt the elements of coaching and personal circumstances to guide the preparation of a nutrition strategy.  Each session was defined by topic and structured with clear learning outcomes.  Erin set me up for success to nail my first 100KM Ultramarathon. I would highly recommend her expertise and professional service.

Jason White
Kosciuzsko 100km &
Taupo 50km


Erin was fantastic in guiding me and advising me on my nutrition planning for ultra running. She is knowledgeable but also dynamic in her approach and was willing to accommodate my challenging vegan needs. Erin took an interest in my goals and was supportive in helping me achieve these. 100% recommend her if you're wanting to learn more in this space.

Lisa Parnell
Old Ghost Ultra 85km & Taupo 50km


Erin was recommended to me by my running coach when I signed up for my first 50km event and realised I knew nothing about fuelling my body for a longer distance event. I had run a few half marathons and a road marathon previously but had often struggled with feeling like I had nothing in the tank and was not able to push through that. Erin helped me understand how to fuel my body properly on a daily basis to support the training that I was doing, and in no time I was feeling great on my longer training runs! Erin also helped me experiment and practice with race day fuelling so that I went into the event confident in what my body would tolerate. There is so much more to sports nutrition than I expected to learn, and Erin is very generous with sharing her amazing wealth of knowledge. I went into the race with a well set out plan (again, created by Erin) which helped me have a very successful (and enjoyable) race day. I’ve since gone on to run an 85km event recently, which Erin also helped to create a race plan for. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone that needs help to understand how to fuel their body successfully – she’s amazing.

Kaylia White
Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra, Belair Trail marathon & Yurrebilla 56km

Erin has been fantastic to work with, she has helped me fine tune my day to day meal plan to help support my training regime and general wellbeing of a busy mum. This has given me the confidence to train harder knowing I’m properly fuelled. She is very friendly and approachable, nothing is ever too much to ask. Erin has also done all my race nutrition and hydration, without her support and planning the races wouldn’t have gone so smoothly and stress free.

Aida Escall
Tour du Mont Blanc

Erin was highly recommended by my running coach. I needed help with getting my pre-diabetes under control and getting my nutrition back on track to support training and performance for some endurance events. Erin’s approach to nutrition coaching is empathetic, motivating and engaging. Since working with Erin a few months ago I have achieved some of my goals already and learnt a lot about nutrition and how important it is for performance. Practice makes perfect and I’m confident that Erin will be able to guide me along the way to better performance. I highly recommend Erin to athletes who want to improve their running in any way.

Nicola Reese

Heysen115km &

Irrational South 100 miler

After getting to the end of several trail running ultra events and finishing with no energy and not being able to fuel in later sections due to nausea I approached Erin after listening to her speak at an event. Erin through several appointments gave me the confidence and information to increase my carb intake both pre training and during runs, accommodating my specification to do through natural sources rather than gels. We monitored through training sessions setting achievable goals  and once reached we did several hydration and sodium sweat testing sessions to ensure we had the balance correct. Based on the findings Erin has produced race plans for me covering every detail including pre race meal plans and drop bag replenishments. Erin has made adjustments last minute to suit what was accessible in remote locations or what I felt like at the time,  following up until race day to ensure the plan was right for me to give me every opportunity to succeed. Thank you Erin for all your dedication to get me through training,to the finish line and through recovery afterwards.

Cecile Gouws

Perth 50km

If I had to sum up my experience and learnings with Erin in one word, it would be:  “Amazing!” can’t sum it up in just one word.  Erin provides top end nutrition advice in a very professional, friendly and easy-going manner.  I love how she makes you think about what you do currently and how you can improve on your existing habits.  Means it all happens easily and sensibly without huge and sudden changes.  It is all about little steps and following the process.   
For my last event, I had a time goal set.  My training unfortunately dipped in the last couple of weeks (cause life happens) before the event and I resorted to possibly not making my goal anymore.  I stuck at my nutrition before and during the event as per Erin’s teachings and still made my goal (just), but I did it!  Nutrition is definitely the key to better running.   
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Erin!!  You are the best!!  Just love your work!

Mary Mitchell 

Run Larapinta, Great Southern Stage Run, Noosa, Ultra Trail Australia & Melrose 50km

Working with Erin has been a revelation. Her depth of knowledge and communication skills are outstanding. In addition to her professional expertise, Erin has tremendous insight as an endurance athlete herself, so her advice is practical, straightforward, easy to understand and follow. Her carbohydrate loading and race plans are incredibly detailed, and take all the stress out of race day. I now feel confident that my training and race day nutrition will let me perform at my best. I only wish I had started my education process with her earlier.

Jason White

Adelaide marathon &

Ultra Trail Australia 100km

I didn’t realise how much I was under fuelling before I started working with Erin,  I had so much more energy to train & work once I got my diet sorted. I also struggled with cramps & fuelling during marathons & ultras since working with Erin I haven’t had any of those issues. I am forever grateful for her help & guidance with plans in races.

Emma Galdes

Melbourne &

Gold Coast marathons

Working with Erin was an absolute privilege. Erin approaches her clients with compassion and understands the intertwined nature of mindset and eating habits. Erin gave me specific and measurable short and long term goals that I was able work towards, and built on my existing knowledge so that together we were able to formulate a plan that was sustainable and supported my health and running goals. Under the guidance of Erin and my running coach I took 45 minutes off of my first marathon time and broke 3:00 hours… then did it again in my next marathon.

Jenni Harrison

Canberra marathon

After having two stress fractures in my hip and the months off running to repair them I decided to reduce the chances of a recurrence. Erin’s suggestions to improve my diet has helped me stay uninjured and prepare for and run my first marathon. Thanks Erin.
DSC_5681 sel.jpg

Tina Kirwan

Tarawera 100miler

I have always muddled with my own nutrition and been ok most of the time but after a couple of not-so-great experiences I knew that if I wanted to finish the miler my nutrition needed to be on point. Erin was a pleasure to work with and never judgemental about my nutrition choices. She worked with me offering easy options and I have never felt so good as far into a race as I did at the 102km mark. I am forever grateful to Erin for her assistance and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their nutrition.

Brendon Skates

Old Ghost Ultra 85km

 I started working with Erin to dial in my nutrition for the Old Ghost Ultra in NZ. I had been trying to do it by myself but failed miserably. Erin not only helped fix up my nutrition for running but also my everyday life as well. She’s a superstar! Thanks Erin!
image2 (1).jpeg


Ultra Trail Australia 22km & Gold Coast marathon

I contacted Erin before racing my first Ultra Trail Australia 22km trail race and my first marathon a couple of months later. I wanted some help with getting nutrition and hydration sorted out for races and training for both, and also with losing some excess weight in a healthy and sustainable way. With Erin’s help, I completed both races with no nutrition and hydration issues and was able to shed a few kilos in the lead up without feeling deprived. I highly recommend seeking Erin’s assistance if you are a runner keen to ensure your nutrition and hydration is on-point.
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