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Leading sports dietitian, Erin Colebatch, reveals her top secrets for better running performance regardless of age or experience level. Download your FREE copy of Erin's new ebook today and discover the latest nutrition and fuelling strategies so you can finish your next run full of pride and accomplishment.

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Erin Colebatch

Hi there, I'm Erin! I've helped hundreds of runners perform at their peak. I'm an Accredited Sports Dietitian and a Masters by Research candidate with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science, so all my advice is backed by evidence.

I'm also an avid long-distance trail and road runner, having completed numerous marathons & ultra marathons around the world.​ That means I can translate scientific recommendations into strategies that work in the real world.

I wrote this ebook to help as many runners as possible perform to their full potential.

What You'll Gain

The One Thing For Better Performance

When it comes to race day performance, there is one nutrient that matters more than others. Discover what it is on page 3

Fuelling Requirements By The Hour

Proven formulas for calculating your requirements by the hour. Never wonder about your race day fuelling again. With Erin's guidelines you'll know exactly what and how much you need for optimum performance.

Say Goodbye To Hitting The Wall

Erin reveals her top strategies for better stamina so you can run further, longer and faster. PLUS specific food pairing ideas to get you the best results

Hundreds of runners can't be wrong

Erin has worked with hundreds of runners from around the world to fuel their performance and improve results. Just like Tina...

Athlete Experiences

"Honestly can't thank you enough, the pre-race fuelling and sticking to the race plan early at the aid stations made an incredible difference. I felt strong and alert at 103k, fantastic at the finish and way better today than I ever expected!."


"After having two stress fractures in my hip and the months off running to repair them I decided to reduce the chances of a recurrence. Erin’s suggestions to improve my diet has helped me stay uninjured and prepare for and run my first marathon. Thanks Erin."

Jenni Harrison

"I started working with Erin to dial in my nutrition for the Old Ghost Ultra in NZ. I had been trying to do it by myself but failed miserably. Erin not only helped fix up my nutrition for running but also my everyday life as well. She’s a superstar! Thanks Erin!"

Brendon Skates

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