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Unlock Your Potential and Enjoy Running Further and Faster with Science-Based Nutrition.


As an Accredited Sports Dietitian and distance runner, I’m truly passionate about helping you achieve joy, longevity and your best performance in running and health. 

You might stand alone at the starter’s line, but I’m here to provide expert guidance, support, accountability and motivation so you can run further and faster no matter your age, experience or running goals. 

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I Help Runners Overcome Unexplained Fatigue, Gut Issues, Cramps and the Dreaded “Finish Line Fade”.

You know you’re capable of climbing hills faster, achieving new PB’s and nailing your race goals. The problem is, the demands of a busy life, fatigue, gut issues, cramp and injury keep holding you back.

You might be wondering how you can realise your true athletic potential when life is so hectic? You’re constantly exhausted, your gut is misbehaving during running, your quads are cramping and oh no… you’re injured again?!

By learning to fuel and recover from training with the right nutrition, practising and refining your nutrition and hydration strategy for racing, and a sprinkling of supplements (that actually work), you can run with confidence, knowing your nutrition and hydration is dialled-in and helping you achieve your true potential.

Take the Next Step in Your Journey as a Runner Who
Knows They Are Capable of Better Performance.

Whether you're looking to run your first 5km or win a World Series Ultramarathon, you’re in the right place.

I’ll help you achieve new-found energy, the bling around your neck you’ve been dreaming of and running further and faster than ever before. You can go from dreaming about these achievements to experiencing them with the support of an Accredited Sports Dietitian who lives and breathes running, just like you.  

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An Accredited Sports Dietitian, Mum and lifelong trail,
road and ultra runner specialising in distance running.

Surf Coast Century

100 km
7th female

Adelaide Marathon 

42.2 km
6th female


102 km
14th female


105 km
2nd female

Five Peaks

58 km
4th female

Over 15 years as an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian, I’ve learned what it takes to break through fatigue, gut issues and poor fuelling when life is busy.

Now, I support runners of all ages and abilities around the world to obtain boundless energy, a happy gut, training session results, new PB’s, faster races and epic athletic adventures.

Through my Distance Runners Performance Academy, I guide runners like you to develop a capable and resilient runner’s body, energy to push the tempo and the ability to cross the finish line with a smile, knowing you’ve given the race your best.

Whether it’s a 1:1 custom nutrition plan or through the one-of-a-kind community that makes up the Distance Runners Performance Academy, I can help you adapt your fuelling and recovery no matter your training schedule, master every element of race nutrition and hydration and gain the extra edge with your secret supplement plan.

My mission is to empower you to unlock your full potential through proper nutrition and hydration. By guiding you to embrace the right dietary and hydration practices, I aim to inspire you with a sense of optimism, motivation, and joy in your running journey, helping you realise your true capabilities.

Accredited Sports Dietitian
Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist
Masters by Research candidate
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Science

Get Inspired by These Energised & Fuelled-Up Runners

Erin was invested in helping me achieve my goal and went above and beyond to get me to the finish line.

I reached out to Erin to help guide me through preparing for my first ever miler. My old habit of just “winging it” wasn’t going to work this time. Erin was invested in helping me achieve my goal and went above and beyond to get me to the finish line. Each session was educational and purposeful. Her thoroughness to design a race plan was next level. Erin has taught me skills that I can apply to any race in the future. I am forever grateful!

Tarawera 100 miler

Erin has given me the confidence to train harder knowing I’m properly fuelled.

Erin has been fantastic to work with, she has helped me fine tune my day to day meal plan to help support my training regime and general wellbeing of a busy mum. This has given me the confidence to train harder knowing I’m properly fuelled. She is very friendly and approachable, nothing is ever too much to ask. Erin has also done all my race nutrition and hydration, without her support and planning the races wouldn’t have gone so smoothly and stress free.

Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra, Belair Trail marathon & Yurrebilla 56km

Erin has completely changed my whole mindset about day to day nutrition.

Erin has completely changed my whole mindset about day to day nutrition and my racing nutrition. Erin provided me with the guidance and tools to allow me to have a healthy body weight after some personal issues. Erin's help guided me to a 3 hour PB at Ultra Adelaide 100km and also to allow me to finish the hardest 100 Mile race in Australia the GPT100 Mile in the Grampians. Thanks Erin!

Grampians Peaks Trail 100miler

Erin gave me specific and measurable short and long term goals that I was able work towards.

Working with Erin was an absolute privilege. Erin approaches her clients with compassion and understands the intertwined nature of mindset and eating habits. Erin gave me specific and measurable short and long term goals that I was able work towards, and built on my existing knowledge so that together we were able to formulate a plan that was sustainable and supported my health and running goals. Under the guidance of Erin and my running coach I took 45 minutes off of my first marathon time and broke 3:00 hours… then did it again in my next marathon.

Melbourne & Gold Coast marathons

Her depth of knowledge and communication skills are outstanding.

Working with Erin has been a revelation. Her depth of knowledge and communication skills are outstanding. In addition to her professional expertise, Erin has tremendous insight as an endurance athlete herself, so her advice is practical, straightforward, easy to understand and follow. Her carbohydrate loading and race plans are incredibly detailed, and take all the stress out of race day. I now feel confident that my training and race day nutrition will let me perform at my best. I only wish I had started my education process with her earlier.

Run Larapinta, Great Southern Stage Run, Noosa, Ultra Trail Australia & Melrose 50km

Erin’s assistance if you are a runner keen to ensure your nutrition and hydration is on-point.

I contacted Erin before racing my first Ultra Trail Australia 22km trail race and my first marathon a couple of months later. I wanted some help with getting nutrition and hydration sorted out for races and training for both, and also with losing some excess weight in a healthy and sustainable way. With Erin’s help, I completed both races with no nutrition and hydration issues and was able to shed a few kilos in the lead up without feeling deprived. I highly recommend seeking Erin’s assistance if you are a runner keen to ensure your nutrition and hydration is on-point.

Ultra Trail Australia 22km & Gold Coast marathon

How Can I Support Your Running Goals?

Chances are you’re looking for the energy to conquer the demands of training. You might be desperate for a gut that loves running as much as you do. Or, you’re finally ready to swap restrictive fad diets for fuelling that pushes you faster and further than ever.

My range of services go far beyond just being told

Here’s how I can help you smash your
goals in training and on race day.

Frustrated with your current training or racing performance? 

Jump on a call with me for a zero-cost custom nutrition strategy guaranteed to improve your results.

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